Traveling down the Palisades Parkway during his daily 2 hour commute each way had become a monotonous task for local Chiropractor Dr. Bruce Numeroff.

After opening an office downtown in NYC’s Wall St area and living on Manhattan’s West side, Numeroff and wife Gwen decided to move up to Rockland County to “get out of the rat race”. “We knew there would be a commute for both of us, but we thought it would be worth it to have more space to raise a family.”

Eight years later, on September 11th, 2001, Dr. Numeroff thankfully never made it into Manhattan. “Although I tried, I never made it to the PATH train that morning, which rolled me right into the WTC. As I was about to take the train, I heard that there was a terrorist attack so I went back home. After hearing more details of what actually was going on, I knew my life would never be the same.”

The ten-year old business that Numeroff steadfastly built, day by day, was destroyed. “While waiting to hear if my office building, located at 150 Broadway, (across from the WTC) would re- open I would sit on my couch staring into space with my body totally numb.” I knew several people and patients who died in the Towers. Each day turned more tragic as the dust cleared”, Numeroff said. When his office building finally did open, it took Dr Numeroff 4 hrs to get to his office, and after a few days he knew he could never work there anymore. “I decided it wasn’t worth it, the air was heavy and I felt a hot, metallic feeling going into my lungs upon every breath”. Numeroff was left with no practice, no income and bills piling higher and higher everyday. “It was the scariest time of my life”he said. “My wife kept repeating, thank God your alive and still very capable. With the help of his wife, who had recently started a Corporate Wellness company in Rockland, and his Podiatrist friend Dr. Joel Spivack, who offered him free office space, Dr. Numeroff was able to rekindle the strength to stage a comeback. Slowly but surely he built a practice in Pomona and was now only commuting 10 minutes. “This gave me four more hours per day to accomplish more plus spend more time with my family”. With continued ambition along with the help of Spivack, Dr Numeroff was able to become the on site Chiropractor at Morgan Stanley’s headquarters in Purchase NY. In addition, he went on to open offices in White Plains and Midtown Manhattan. “I was now able to leverage my time and work smarter, not harder”

“As I was leveraging my time in Manhattan and Westchester and was spending most of my time locally, I wanted to use some of that time to give back to my community”. Dr Numeroff, at age 48, trained 80 hours to become a volunteer firefighter in his home town of New City. “It was something I always wanted to do, especially after 9/11″. He says that this experience has been very gratifying. “Its great to do something good and expect nothing in return. I also met a lot of really good people who spend a lot of time helping their community. It’s a great brotherhood.”

Dr. Numeroff loves to spend lots of quality time with his friends and family. He also finds time to indulge in his favorite passion, which is tennis.

“We never know what circumstances will befall us, even bad ones that are out of our control. You just can’t look back and wonder why it happened. Sept 11 served as a wakeup call to me and forced me to realize what’s truly important in life – spending time with family and friends, helping others, serving the community and finding a proper balance in life.”

Dr Numeroff has a local private Chiropractic practice in Pomona NY. He can be reached at 845 354 1064.